Young Gun Viñales

A name not far from any MotoGP fans mouth at the moment has to be Maverick Viñales. The 22 year old from Spain has been topping the time sheets in the lead up to the 2017 MotoGP season. After what has to be considered a great 2016 season with the new Suzuki team he showed that he could be a contender for the top. Yamaha seeing this have snapped him up, given him the technology and backing needed and the results are starting to speak for themselves. Fastest in Valencia, Sepang and once again top of the time sheets at Phillip Island can the young gun be stopped? With one more official test to be held in Qatar on the 10th March we will all find out soon enough.

For the Viñales fans, we can only hope that these fast paced times will continue through to the upcoming races. Even though he can take the top spot with flying laps race pace will be what counts when the lights go green on race day. His two biggest rivals Rossi and Marquez have shifted there focus from fast flying laps to constant race rhythm. Marquez has spent and incredible amount of time on long runs, especially at Phillip Island racking up a large number of laps.

Another looming question is how will Viñales respond on the track when under pressure by the more experienced likes of Rossi and Marquez? – 2016 season showed that Viñales still had to find some confidence when contending with the veterans. Hopefully looking at his time sheet he sees that in fact he is a top contender and draws confidence from that.

Phillip Island test – Yamaha’s Vinales followed closely by Honda’s Marquez

Are we witnessing a new rivalry brewing? Is the young gun Viñales going to be able to answer when the likes of Rossi and Marquez have him in their sights? Questions we are all asking – answers awaiting us in the upcoming MotoGP season.

Yes fans this season is going to be one you don’t want to miss, young guns coming up, new bikes hitting the track for the first time ever (KTM), Lorenzo trying his hand at a Ducati – a season of thrills and spills awaits.


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